The smart metering is one of the essential operations in smart grid infrastructure. Smart meters are improved versions of conventional power meters. Metering features, smart meters are capable to calculate several parameters as power factor and to predict power consumption at particular intervals. Besides its remote-control features used by Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS), it also allows users to remote monitoring and remote control for their home energy management systems. The smart meters are also defined as smart socket due to its distribution ability of residential grid to houses.

• Metering Analog Front Ends (AFEs)
• Dual-Core Microcontrollers (MCUs) and Companion Analog Front Ends (AFEs)
• Dual-Core Metering System-on-Chip (SoC) Solutions

Smart metering provides more accurate billing of the electricity used based on real consumption and decision making on the tariff for the flattening of the load curve and reduction of the invoice. Additional reasons for the implementation of smart metering in the electricity sector are the benefits to the entire society, which may result from the installation of smart grid solutions (smart grids) based on a smart metering infrastructure