We are leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, voltage regulator Schottky diode to its High-Reliability Product family targeting military and aerospace applications.

Offering Diode includes high power diodes, RF Diodes and virtually every variety of Diode used in SpaceCommercial AviationHi- Reliability Military and Industrial (including Automotive) applications.

Many devices in an aircraft require high amperage, low voltage DC for operation. This power may be furnished by DC engine-driven generators, motor generator sets, vacuum tube rectifiers, or dry disk or solid-state rectifiers.

In aircraft with AC systems, a special DC generator is not desirable since it would be necessary for the engine accessory section to drive an additional piece of equipment. Motor generator sets, consisting of air-cooled AC motors that drive DC generators, eliminate this objection because they operate directly off the AC power system. Vacuum tube or various types of solid-state rectifiers provide a simple and efficient method of obtaining high voltage DC at low amperage.

A voltage regulator for aircraft generators controls generator output voltage by controlling exciter field current. 

Aircraft generators (e.g., synchronous AC machines with brushless excitation) have requirements in common with generators for other applications but also have requirements for high reliability and performance in a compact and cost-effective arrangement. The generator control unit, including the voltage regulator, is part of the generator system that must meet a high level of performance. While the subject matter of the present invention has particular advantage in aircraft generator systems, it is not limited to such applications.In addition, military, aviation, and space equipment yearly increase in complexity and functionality, which intensifies pressure on engineers who design military power systems. 

Many different electronic components are involved in motion and power conditioning. There are metal oxide silicon field effect transistors (MOSFETs), combine the low-saturation and high-breakdown voltages of bipolar transistors with the high impedance of MOSFETs Other components also are involved in power management and motion control. Thyristors are solid-state switches that control current in high-voltage applications.