Audio Electronics can be summarized as converting sound to electrical signals, processing the electrical signals, and turning these processed signals back into sound. This is a straightforward objective; nevertheless, this particular discipline of electrical engineering covers many areas of the EE world. In fact, many practicing engineers spend their entire careers researching, developing, and designing audio electronics and related equipment.

• Audio Processing
• Voice Line Circuits (SLICs)
• Line Drivers
• Reverse Power Feed (RPF)
• Telephony
• Line Card Echo Cancellers

• Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
• Comparators
• Current Sense Amplifiers
• Instrumentation Amplifiers (INAs)
• Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs)
• Current/Voltage/Power Monitor ICs

Our research in the field of audio signal processing is wide and multidisciplinary, with an important focus on technology transfer acknowledged by dozens of patents and several commercial products of great success. Currently our interests spread in the area of singing voice synthesis, voice transformation, source separation and automatic soundscape generation.

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