Embedded systems are becoming of great interest in the medical field. Basically, embedded systems were introduced in this field to cater with medical issues that necessitated monitoring and maintenance frequently in a day. Medical devices nowadays lean greatly on sensors as they provide aid in monitoring, diagnosing and treating the medical health of the patient. Embedded systems are used in MRI and CT scanner which uses radio frequency pulses and x-rays.

• Continuous positive airway
pressure machine
• Oxygen Concentrator
• Patient Monitor
• Ultrasound
• Glucose Meter
• Iontophoresis
• Medical Drug Delivery Pump
• Nebulizer
• Blood Pressure Meter
• Digital Medical

• Digital Thermometer
• Pulse Oximeter
• Wearable Activity Monitor
• Low-Power Blood Pressure Meter
• Pedometer
• Pulse Oximeter
• Secure Nebulizer
• Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer
• Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

Smart embedded technology based medical devices, which are mostly in the form of wearables, were introduced to provide aid to people who now can be more aware of their personal health as these devices would allow users to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, glucose, weight and numerous other parameters. Nevertheless, embedded systems have innumerable applications in every field of life including health and medicine.