Embedded systems, especially in-vehicle embedded systems, are ubiquitously related to our everyday life. The development of embedded systems greatly facilitates the comfort of people’s life, changes our view of things, and has a significant impact on society. The use of various microcontrollers is increasing in automobile’s electronics along with the rest of the electronic control units. Basically, different types of microcontrollers used in automobiles are AVR microcontroller, 8051 microcontroller, PIC microcontroller, etc.

• MCUs and MPUs
• Analog Products
• Car Access
• Security

• Connectivity
• Timing
• High temperature
• Touch and Gesture
• Memory

There are typically more than 100 sensors in a vehicle and sensors including pressure, current, capacitance, position, speed, and temperature sensors. In recent automobiles, sensors are used for detecting as well as responding to change the conditions inside & outside of the car. So that travelers in the vehicle can move efficiently and safely. By using these sensors data we can increase comfort, efficiency, and safety