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I came up with company name, “DSQUARE ELECTRONICS” (Dsquare as in Dynamically Designed) in JAN 2015. In March 2015 I came up with D2Brain Home Automation System® (our product) concept and launched its product catalog in Aug 2015. D2Brain is used in home automation. It can operate your lights, fans, AC, curtain’s movement, basically all electrical appliances remotely thus providing safety, convenience, control and comfort with savings. It works in support of a D2brain application available on android and apple store. This was just the tip of the iceberg, main work started from here. As I was new to the market, I had no contacts and so it was difficult for clients to put their faith in me or my product. It was a very difficult phase for me but I remained optimistic and continued my hard work. I ran after them just to get a chance of proving what I can do because at that time I did not have any demo to show them. I even told them not to pay a single penny if they were not happy with my work. After a lot of effort, I was able to get two projects.

First, I automated a jewellery shop with a mobile interface. After that, I worked for a client for his house project. He referred me to his friend, he was so pleased with my innovation that he asked me to work on his house project.
With these references & support of a relative, I met one of Vadodara’s finest architecture and worked a few projects with him. After all, it’s a referral business so my journey began with the support of the business tycoons.
After completing 4 to 5 projects, workload increased and it was not possible for me to handle everything so I hired two technicians and started building tech team. From Aug 2015 to Aug 2017, our product kept getting enhanced/upgraded. We also integrate audio-visual & security automation according to the market requirement of our clients. I started arrangements for buying an office/live tech experience center in Nov 2016 which ultimately got delayed due to demonetization & GST.

Eventually, I bought the office and inaugurated our live tech experience center with huge success in March 2017 and it really just took a little patience, faith and lot of hard work. All I could say is; I was refining all this time and now it’s my time to shine…
Since the startup, I have successfully completed 15 to 20 projects with different architects and numerous are under execution.

Currently DSQUARE ELECTRONICS® is one of the finest and Most advanced System Integration house in Vadodara, Gujarat for Home Automation, Audio – Visual Solutions, Intrusion Security and Technology Consultancy which are required in the field of any Residential Properties and business i.e. Hospitality, Corporate houses, IT, BFSI, Government buildings, large convention centers, Defense establishments, stadiums, clubs & lounges, auditoriums, cinema etc. Dsquare Electronics is also involved in Embedded System Design and Engineering like PCB Designing, Firmware and Driver Development, Android and iOS interface development, LoRaWAN and many more Industrial Protocol interface development and custom embedded electronics product development for OEMs.

Dsquare Electronics has a dedicated design team to assist their end clients in design needs or better understanding of products/application for any demanding automation, audio visual, security and control requirement.
Dsquare has its own 1000 Sq Ft Live Experience Center in Vadodara and has a team of application engineers and trained installers in Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Surat.

Customer Reviews

Dsquare Electronics

Customer Reviews

fairy Vyas

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Akshita Patel

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Sarika Gohil

Totally different and impressive demo

Singh Enterprise Apson plywood


Darshan Gujarathi

Excellent quality, prompt service and and effective customization.

bhavesh khunt

Innovative products and dedicated service make Dsquare electronics unique...!!

Kalpesh Anjariya

Excellent organisation. We are using their products and we must say very good products and excellent after sales support.

Sachin Sachin

This is a amazing Home automation company. I really like this service. Highly recommended to all my friends

Shubham Chettiar

For me the remote door lock is the best thing which is been installed in my house , now I can open door lock from my room , I am a lazy person so it's perfect for me .😁

Akshay Kumar

One of the electronic service are provided by this.
It provides many services such as home theater, lighting control with phone etc.