Bringing Happiness Through Sound and Vision

Home theater is an audio and video equipment configuration in your home that emulates the movie theater experience. A home theater system enables you to reproduce the sound and video quality of a commercial movie theater in your own living room. The most basic components for a home theater system would consist of Audio, Video and Controls.





Projector Screen

LED Panel



Content Streamer

Power Amplifier

AV Processor

A home theater surround sound system is comprised of several speakers. You’ve probably heard all of the different names you can apply to home theater speakers. Understanding the types of home theater speakers will help you develop a great plan for your home theater.

Floor Standing Speaker

Bookshelf Speaker

Ceiling Speaker

Invisible Speaker

In-wall Speaker

Active Subwoofer

On-wall Speaker

Passive Subwoofer

Speaker Arrangements & Placement

2.1 Music System

5.1 Home Theater System

5.1.2 Home Theater System

5.1.4 Home Theater System

7.1 Home Theater System

7.1.2 Home Theater System

7.1.4 Home Theater System

7.2.4 Home Theater System

9.2.4 Home Theater System

When talking about video, it is important to consider some important factors. like which projector will be using and how much ambient light enters the room. When deciding on a screen size, many projectors have recommendations for the image size that they can project from a given distance without losing image quality.

Screen Type

Fabric Type

Projector Screen Size

Projector Specifications

Lamp Life
From 3500 hours up to 30,000 hours and more
Color Light Output
White Light Output
2000 lumens are used to display a clear image & 3000+ Lumens if it’s an Ambient Light


Projector Resolutions
XGA (1024*768)
UXGA (1600*1200)
HD (1280*720)
Full HD (1920*1080)
Quad HD (2560*1440)
4K (3860*2160)
8K (7680*4320)
For Lamp Based: 1 Year on site for Projector.
For LASER Projectors: 3 Years
Contrast Ratio
Higher the contrast ratio better will be the picture quality.
E.g. 60,000:1 (25,00,000 : 1 ) (60,000 white & 1 black)

Projector Technology Types

DLP Projector

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

LCD Projector

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LASER Projector

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Projector Mounting



Fix Shelf

Steps To Execute For Selecting Home Theater

There Are Six Prominent Steps For Selecting Home Theater

Types Of Sound Systems

Selection Of Speaker Placements


Types Of Screen

Selection Of Screen Material

Control System

Let's Cast Your Favorite Media Services Through Home Theater

Controls Required for Home Theater


IR Kit / Automation

Power Amplifier

Networking Rack

Power Strip
Full Tray
Cooling Fan

Streaming Media Player

HDMI Cables & Speaker Cables